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FirmWorks delivers expert-built apps on the world’s leading CRM that supply users with the ease and attainability that is missing from their day-to-day tools and processes.

Get Ready for Files that do More

FirmWorks Files is a file management tool that brings enhanced functionality to Salesforce Files, allowing users to manage better, tag, and report on files without ever leaving your CRM. Improve your workflow with file reporting, bulk uploading, advanced data entry, and more!

Salesforce builds bridges between companies and customers with a rich library of tools and resources for managing relationships, tracking sales, automating operations and more.

Here at FirmWorks, we build upon the world’s leading CRM with on-platform applications that fill gaps and inefficiencies in customers day-to-day workflows and operations.

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Simplify Processes

FirmWorks delivers a turnkey experience with easy-to-use products that make daily operations easier. With a decidedly small footprint, users can install and go with little to no configuration.

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Improve Organization

Each of our products help users pull in data that’s normally difficult to find or hard  to see, such as geodata, files, or notes, and places them in an organizational view that helps users actually utilize them.

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Optimize Efficiency

FirmWorks applications are designed to play nicely with other native Salesforce tools and features like automations and flows. Users can customize layouts to ensure they are only seeing what they need to be productive.


FirmWorks Files simplifies the data entry process by allowing users to view images/documents in the same screen they’re entering data on. It’s easy to manipulate the fields and views so users are only seeing the information they need for their work, and the options for easy export, automated public links to the files, and different views simplifies the user experience. The team behind the app is quick to respond and customer-centric in their approach. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for simplified data entry or a way to view files in lists, as it has exceeded our expectations.
Nicole, The HJH Companies/SALT Group


FirmWorks Files

Leverage Salesforce files to drive compliance, create reports, and bring files to the forefront of your business processes. Users can easily and efficiently upload/download thousands of files at once, tag them quickly with large on-screen previews, and make them searchable and reportable with tailored insights in just a few clicks.

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FirmWorks Geo

Enhance your out-of-box Sales Cloud experience by providing geographical analysis tools. By surfacing the wealth of geographical information that already resides within your data, you can quickly show the locations of competitors on a map, give your users the contact information for all of the records within a certain distance, and more.

Unlock Your Company’s Innovative Potential

Intrigued by FirmWorks but not sure where to start?

We understand sorting through all of our products and features can be overwhelming, especially when considering how they align with your specific business needs and unique use case. At FirmWorks, we want to assure you that we’re here to guide you through this exploration. Our team is committed to helping you uncover the full potential of our offerings and demonstrating how they can seamlessly integrate into your business processes.

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