• French language support for main components


  • Fix for invocable method failing without named configuration


  • File Searching Issue
    • Addressed issue where Text Area Fields were ignored in search parameters
  • File Upload Issue
    • Addressed issue where if the post action is ‘Show Results’ the updating message would sometimes not stop showing—falsely indicating that the process was incomplete (when it had in fact completed)
    • Addressed issue where if the post action is ‘Show Results’ that the embedded file viewer component would show files outside of the current upload sesssions context


  • Searching records issue resolved
    • An exception is thrown when searching for records in Sharing and Configuration was surfaced when Salesforce’s Schema service would report that an object (namely form another managed package) is accessible, but that doesn’t take into account if the user has a license to permit searching functionality


  • No Changes


  • FileViewer, Record Viewers
    • Enhancement—View related record’s files all from one record page. This ability gives admins/configurators the ability to show the relationship’s files from a single record page. For instance, from the Account page layout, view the related Contact’s, Opportunities, Case, or any custom object’s files in addition to the Account’s. This ability can be added to any configuration and supports custom private object relationships to support more strict private access schemas. Contact FirmWorks for any questions


  • Minor enhancement in sorting entity sharing results in the drop down


  • License check performed on all abjects/fields from other managed packages
    • Behavior appears if a managed package includes a managed Content Version field Salesforce schema checks were erroneously showing fields that a user isn’t license for causing issues when querying information


  • FileViewer

    • Added option to show/hide titles on tile view
    • Titles no concatenate the Title field with the File Extension field
    • Option provided to hide titles for views (recommend using the “Record’s Content Viewer” component for images ONLY)
  • Fixed issue where the user’s value for a field was not being respected when a default value for a field was set in addition to showing the field in the user interface via the filter fields
  • Changed default behavior of the file upload components—where the file extensions list is no longer populate. This is inline with Salesforce default behavior.
  • The File Extensions now also support the values of ‘any’ or ‘all’ in order to provide support for components that are already on layouts and ahve the default values set (Salesforce doesn’t allow fully clearing designer values)


  • Fixed Visual issue with the record editor picklists on FileViewer component


  • Compatibility for old version of Files


  • File Report result
    • Added menu action to show files in FileViewer component
Release Notes: Show in FileViewer
  • Added support to use component in flows
    • Added property to pass a list of Records to evaluate “4. Data: Run for these Record Ids” This supports the ability of using a flow to run a report on related items. For example – from an account layout show all of the related contacts that are missing an NDA on their record.
Release Notes: Flow Support
    • When including lookup fields in the report—now pulls the name field to build a hyperlink
  • File Tagging
    • Reworked screen initialization to only display options once the configuration has downloaded
  • FileViewer
    • Design Configuration added show deleted options to enable Scalable image views
    • Added layout customization to show images and content stacked vertically or horizontally
Release Notes: FileViewer Horizontal View
  • File Report result
    • Added menu action to show files in FileViewer component


  • Updated All Metadata to 59.0
    • Record’s Content Viewer Component
      • Added a new Tile View as an option
      • Added ability to control width of component (1-12 for reactive design)
    • FileViewer Component
      • Fixed issue with Sort Direction not being set when sorting on List
      • Added ability to use Scalable Image in Tile View with width/height controls
    • Flows
      • Added Invocable Method to return a File Report Result for a record—this “headless” option can now be used to control a flow-based funtion on the complex criteria of a FirmWorks Files Report
    • File Batch Upload (Available in Upload Layouts)
      • Detect Duplicate Records on Upload
        • Allows Users to remove duplicates based on Title and Size
        • Allows Users to ONLY remove duplicates that Match Title and Size
        • Gives Users the ability to Upload Files with Matching Titles as a new Version instead of a new file
      • New Configuration ‘Default Upload Mode’ to allow Batch to be the default upload style
      • Consolidated UI to a single table
    • Viewer support for HEIC files
      • View HEIC files directly in Safari browser on iOS and MacOS
      • View HEIC files with built-in converter for other supported browsers
    • Updated browser viewer support for PDF
      • Directly handles file data to get around Salesforce misreporting of mime types
      • Helpful for when the built-in image generator doesn’t work as expected
    • File Reporting
      • Include Object fields in the report results


  • Added Custom Metadata types to permission sets
    • ContentRecordTypeMapping__mdt
    • File_Viewer_Configuration__mdt
    • Report_Configuration__mdt
  • FileViewer Component now supports setting file form records to ‘readonly’ in the configuration
    • (Configuration: Recrd Edit) Accepted values are ‘view’, ‘edit’, and ‘readonly’ 
    • Default value is ‘view’


  • Defensive client side checks for firing mobile platform events


  • Security house keeping—deprecate use of WITH SecurityEnforced for UserMode


  • Allow null/blank values to set on Taxonomy Upload


  • FileViewer rebranded to FirmWorks Files


  • Fixed issue where Date fields were not handled correctly when searching


  • FileViewer
    • Enabled FileViewer to be available to Flows


  • File Upload & Tagger for Flows
    • Respect blank/empty values for flow component title


What’s New
  • Entity Sharing –  Suggested Links Feature
    • Provides administrators the flexibility to suggest which relationships are important to their Users. Provides Users 1-click functionality to share files easily with related records
    • Added Object Type names to help remove ambiguity
  • Content Record Viewer
    • Keyboard navigation support or carousel view
  • FileViewer Configurator
    • Added additional help text
    • Added Suggested Links configuration to Sharing section
    • New configurations auto open at the top


  • Fixed issue with Lookup component used for lookup fields (visible from FirmWorks Files List View and Taxonomy screen)
  • Added known issue where Salesforce throws an exception using undocumented SOQL


What’s New
  • Reporting Enhancements
    • Allow for more complex reporting scenarios with AND/OR in the UI
    • See you SOQL syntax on-screen to aid in report development
    • Multiple document reporting with filter sets
      • For instance, if 3 documents, each with their own criteria, are required, FirmWorks Files reporting now supports these complicated criteria
  • Flow Component for File Tagging
    • Ensure documents come in with the correct tagging from screen flows
  • Flow component for File report validation. Visually aid users in a screen flow what documents are required to continue. Works with file reports to even block the continuation of a screen flow until documents are added to satisfy the constraints.
  • Public Link generation now gives the ability to set the Title, Expirations, and With Password
  • Configuration Wizard—Walks you through the process of creating a configuration to use and reuse for your Users
  • Support for Record Types on Content Version—Created a utility to cache Record Types and their picklist values for an Admin User. Salesforce does not support access to this information without using an API and all Users do not have API access
  • Support to link a document to a library folder in Entity Sharing (Library folders are not marked as searchable from the Salesforce schema)
  • New experience permission set to avoid having to clone the File Viewer permission set and remove access to application
  • Entity Sharing—Correctly resolves names now and does not show [object object]
  • Content Viewer—Remove loading screen if User does not have access to specified record
  • File Tagging—Removed ‘Step’ verbiage if uploading is only step available
  • File Viewer—Tiff support for Safari on OSX
  • Home Screen—Detection of new Custom Permissions to aid in erroneous access to links


  • File Reporting issue where reporting on Salesforce Objects that don’t have Name as the name field has been corrected
  • File Reporting issue where downloading results as a CSV for tasks incorrectly attributed the subject column to ‘contentdocumentid’
  • Entity Sharing corrected issue not allowing seraching for objects without a Name field (Task, Event, Case, etc.)


What’s New
  • Tag+ Upload changes
    • Duplicate file upload check on bulk uploader. When using the bulk uploader a duplicate check is performed and allows the User to remove duplicates and prevent uploading files that already are uploaded
  • Upload + Tag no was the ability to have ‘Post Upload Actions’
    • Close—Closes the modal
    • Show Results—Displays a FileViewer with the uploaded files in the same screen
    • Fileviewer—Opens FileViewer in a new tab with the recent uploaded values
  • FileViewer control
    • Accepts URL parameter of c__contentids—As a comma delimited list of content document IDs to display. Searching, filtering, and all other behaviors are performed within the list of IDs as the base


    What’s New
    • Bulk Upload Function for File Tagger Button for Upload—Normally Salesforce only allows you to upload 10 files at a time, but with the new Bulk File Upload feature you can upload 100x as many in a single go
      • NOTE: If you have clickjack protection turned on you will need to add a trusted site to enable Bulk File Upload (Click HERE for more information)
    • Download Record Files Component—If you ahve many files in your system use this Bulk Download feature to get a zip file of all your important documents
    • Public Link Generation—Whether you want to generate a password protected public link for a single file or bulk generate public links for all your files, we have you covered. The new tabs in the FileViewer UI will allow Users to create public links quicker and easier than ever
    • File Sharing Enhancement—Sharing files with another record in Salesforce usually takes a lot of navigation. With the sharing tab in FileViewer, Users can share an existing files with any other object they have access to
    • FirmWorks Files Interface Update—We cleaned up the gear menu in the FirmWorks Files component to better organize the new features that have been added in this and previous releases
    • Component Name Changes—The name of your favorite FirmWorks Files components have been updated to be more helpful when designing lightning apps
      • Content Viewer is now Single Content Record Viewer
      • File Tag Launcher is now File Tagger Button for Upload
      • Record Content Viewer is now Tabbed Display of Record Content
    • Tabbed Display of Record Content—This component can now be filtered using a configuration and can support both horizontal and vertical tabs
    Bug Fixes
    • There was a validation issue with currency fields in the List View UI for the FirmWorkds Files Component
      • It will say that “The entry is not a valid increment,” but it still saves and updates
      • This no longer happens and the issue has been resolved


    What’s New
    • Content Viewer Control—Preview PDFs, documents, videos, and audio directly in lightning layouts
    • Content Viewer List—Quickly enable your Users by dropping this control on a record layout to visually tab through all of the files related to a record
    • File Report Result—Define a FileViewer Report to run and drop this result set anywhere to drive activities
    • File Record Report—Define a FileViewer Report and drop this component on a record to visually tell your Users whether the record is in compliance or not with the attached records
    • New Persona Support—Data entrym, configure your content versions to enable Users to work through a queue of documents, tagging and building usable libraries quickly and easily within one screen
    • Schedule Reports to run generating FileViewer Report platform events to drive behaviors required of your organization (create Task, Chatter Users, etc.)
    Enhanced File Previews Using Content Viewer Components
    • Integrate your files directly into your work flow, no more navigating away to vew file contents
    • View documents directly on record layouts
    • View supported audio and video files directly within the lightning page
    • Enhanced File Previews directly integrated into the FirmWorks Files search screen to allow for enhanced data entry, minimizing mistakes as Users have direct context to the document being viewed
    Data Entry From Files Made Easy
    • FileViewer list view user interface updated to support heavy data entry from Salesforce files for auditing file content
    • Auto-complete data in rows to more easily enter large amounts of data when using the FileViewer list
    • Pagination added to lists to allow for easy navigation over hundreds of files while maintaining changes on previous pages
    • Enhanced experience of working with, editing, and saving reports
    • New reporting control—Configure a report for your Users and deploy it into lightning pages
      • Configure a report and drop a record report on a layout to let your Users know if the record has the appropriate documents related or not
    • Scheduled reports to run regularly that publish platform events allowing your implementors to create tasks, objects, drive activities, and flows to close the gap in your document lifecycle
    • Files Search
      • List view is now editable to assist Users in data entry directly in the file search
      • List view supports side by side content viewing to facilitate easier data entry from a document into Salesforce
    • Reports
      • Reports can be scheduled to run to produce platform event to drive business process
      • Hook into reports using an automation to provide you User insight into data that is out of compliance
    • Bug Fixes
      • You will no longer see the following error when editing a page with a FileViewer Component:
    Release Notes: Configuration Error