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Introducing FileViewer

No need for off-platform solutions to on-platform problems. Our native app allows users to better manage, store, tag and report on Salesforce files without ever leaving your CRM. Easily find, tag, edit and download documents with our user-friendly interface, while staying on-platform.

by FirmWorks

Salesforce files that do more.

Finally, a file management tool that enhances the functionality of Salesforce Files with enhanced file previews, report compliance automations, upgraded file search, bulk file upload and more.

Why FileViewer?


Files stay on-platform and honor the robust Salesforce security model.

Simple Reporting

Fileviewer simplifies reporting and data entry workflows by allowing users to view files in the same screen they’re entering data on.

Powerful Discovery

Enable users with curated file lists at organization and record level, filter and search without the need to click to view.

Easily Configurable

Manipulate fields and views to support multiple teams and processes simultaneously. Categorize your files with custom fields, tags or picklists.

We wouldn’t be able to work without it

“FileViewer works really well. It’s easy to sort, manipulate, delete, and download things. We wouldn’t be able to work without it!”

Amy McNabb, Infocore
Legal Department
Legal Department
Notify sales professionals directly from the Account record that an NDA and MSA are executed and attached to the Account before potentially delivering sensitive information.
Chief Security Officer
Chief Security Officer
Run reports to find which Accounts are missing required agreements.
Healthcare Administrator
Healthcare Administrator
Quickly find and view patient’s files directly on the patient’s record layout.

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Available for $9 per user per month

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The simple installation of FileViewer will have you up and running in no time. Purchase today, or take a test drive with a free 15-day trial!

FileViewer Managed Package is compatible only with Lightning Files.

After installing the FileViewer Managed Package, assign specific users the FileViewer Permission Set and grant each user a FileViewer License through Setup -> Installed Packages -> FileViewer -> Manage Licenses.

Create custom fields on the Content Version Object for File tagging.

Configure Lightning Record Pages on the objects where FileViewer will be used to Tag & Upload Files.

Optionally, use the Configuration Fields within the FileViewer Lightning Components to control default values, end user experiences, custom labels, and more.

For more details on Configuring FileViewer, see the Quick Start Guide.

In the context of FileViewer, a ‘tag’ is the categorization of a File using a custom field on the Content Version Object.

  • Example: A Real Estate Firm ‘tags’ photos of listings as either Commercial and Residential in a Property Type Picklist custom field.
  • Example: An Insurance Firm ‘tags’ Contracts with an Expiration Date in custom field that allows assigned Agents to query Contracts with upcoming renewals and export those Contracts.

Tags should be created by System Administrators with knowledge of Salesforce field types and File querying needs.

The following field types are not compatible with FileViewer.

  • Auto-Number
  • Formula
  • Geo-Location
  • Text Area (Long)
  • Text Area (Rich)
  • Text (Encrypted)

The FileViewer Installed Package contains a File Search Tab that will display all Files in a Salesforce database. This provides an area to filter across records for Files that share a common tag or search criteria.

  • Example: A Non-Profit Organization needs to export all uploaded Files of scanned images of Check Donations to provide for a Year-End audit.
    FileViewer can query across all Opportunities where the File Tag was set to ‘Scanned Check’ and allow for an end user to download that set of Files into a local zipped folder.

The FileViewer Installed Package also contains three Lightning Components that allow for tagging, uploading, and searching Files directly on Standard or Custom Object records.

File Tagger and File Tag Launcher are both components that provide the ‘Tag and Upload’ features while the FileViewer components provide the Search, Filtering, and Download features.

The ‘Share with Experience Users’ toggle controls Experience Sharing as File(s) are uploaded to Salesforce.

See the Salesforce Help Article that defines these File Sharing Settings.

Button Slides

The ‘Enhanced record access’ toggle controls which Internal Salesforce Users can see and/or modify the File(s).

See the Salesforce Help Article that defines these File Sharing Settings.

Button Slides

When multiple documents are uploaded at the same time, all Files will receive the tags/values that were selected prior to uploading.

File tags can be changed or removed after the Files are successfully attached to the Related Record.

In the FileViewer Lightning Component or the File Search Tab, click the gear icon in the top right corner to expose additional View and Download features.

Click the Download button for FileViewer to export all Files in the view into a zipped folder.

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FileViewer is a Game Changer for Data Entry

“FileViewer simplifies the data entry process by allowing users to view images/documents in the same screen they’re entering data on. It’s easy to manipulate the fields and views so users are only seeing the information they need for their work, and the options for easy export, automated public links to the files, and different views simplifies the user experience. The team behind the app is quick to respond and customer-centric in their approach. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for simplified data entry or a way to view files in lists, as it has exceeded our expectations.”

Nicole, The HJH Companies/SALT Group